In today’s digital world everything is computerized and tech oriented. Every field is connected to technology and to be progressive in this competitive world you have to be aware about all the new things around us. Whether it is shopping, music, writing, news or entertainment, you find it everywhere. From cash to cards, or from notes to online transactions we have to be a part of this in our daily routine. From buses to metros, or online cabs and autos, we are getting used to it in every field. Games are also a major part to chill out from our hectic schedule, whether in children or adults, online games are becoming a popular as well as a good way to freshen up from our boring lifestyle.

Advantages of Online games:

If you go to google play store and click on the games option you will be surprised to see so many games in that zone. Along with that many online games are there too which you can play from your home with the help of your mobile and need a good wifi. Gaming apps like www slot im give you to select so many games like Casino, Shooting games and action games like Knights of the War.

As in online games you can also play making a team of your online friends so it promotes social association while playing. Online gaming also boosts self reliance in children. It also promotes interaction because all the players need each other’s support to win the game so they learn to help and talk to each other. In online games every player gets a reward for his or her win at each level.

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So, it increases competition spirit among them, and they learn to not to give up and try hard to win at every step. When you are playing as a team you learn what teamwork is and how so many players fight to win a battle by making a team of different players and that’s why it gives you an exciting experience to deal with another gamer and somehow it boosts leadership quality too in oneself.

Disadvantages of Online games:

Online games also have many disadvantages and online harassment is a one of the major issues related to this. Children are very innocent and therefore many dirty minded persons take advantage of them and sometimes it comes to their life and that’s why some online games are being banned by governments. It also makes people addicted to the games and instead of focusing on their studies and career students spend all their time in these games. Playing games for more than two hours can also cause irritation in their eyes as well as weaken their eyesight.

So in short we should have a keen eye on both of the aspects while playing these games and must make our kids aware about this so that they can play these games with safety and cautiousness.