Explanation for Online Poker Conspiracy Theories

Although the popularity of online casino games is growing, many interested players are still about to try it or not. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is that many online casino players disseminate information about counterfeiting online games. However, the reality is that casinos are built taking into account the possibilities against the players, but some online players have presented some conspiracy theories, and although there may be some truth in them, there are logical explanations. However, let’s take a look at the most common conspiracy theories distributed on the Internet.

Some people think that good players get bad punches.

There are many cases in which a good player with a good hand is summoned by a bad player with a weak hand and, sometimes, a bad player displaces a good one. Conspiracy theorists argue like this: casinos will win more money from bad players the longer they play, so they seek to make them win at an early stage.


The logical explanation for this is that Pkv are usually played freely, and in this nature good hands have less. In addition, the rapid nature of online games doubles the probability of a good hand being hit. It is possible that a successful hand can be defeated thanks to pure luck, and this is even more pronounced in the online world, where more games are played every hour.

Withdrawal is another conspiracy theory that many people believe in. In fact, someone is supposed to be charging some of their winnings, and as soon as they start playing again, they face a chain of failures. The conspiracy theorist’s explanation is that people who charge money are marked with casinos because they take away some of the money the company can earn. Therefore, as soon as they return to the game, their money is distributed among other people who are more likely to lose everything.


Strictly speaking, the curse of cash is real. With less money for a pillow, you could go bankrupt sooner rather than later. Poker, although the skill game also depends on luck, which means that it can have a series of setbacks and then a series of good times. With a lot of money in the bank, you can survive this chain of bankruptcies without interrupting. Therefore, the curse of money is a statistical law, and not that online casinos are activated and deactivated.