Casino is always considered to be a best place to make fun. In the casinos people automatically get caught in the excitement which will be happening all around the place in casino. But security and safety should be of at most important in a casino. This is especially needed for judi kartu online players belongings.

There will be more and more money which will be going around in casino. That is why casinos are the main place for unpleasant elements.


  • Most important thing is to watch the money that judi kartu online player carries. This is main thing especially when they use automated bill receptors.
  • One thing should the player remember is criminals can work really fast.
  • Even if the player turns around for a short span of time, criminals can steal the money without coming to the notice of the player.
  • Instead of the back pockets, men can keep their money in their front pockets. Stealing money from back pockets is really easy for thieves. It is better to tie the wallet using a elastic band. This is considered more secure way of keeping the money. It will be hard steal the money when kept like this.
  • When a woman is playing, she should not keep her purses or wallets between the machines. When the player is concentrating on the slot someone can easily steal this money.
  • One should be extra careful when a person bumps them. This is the most common trick usually used by criminals.
  • Criminals and thieves come in pairs. When one thief bumps, the other will be busy in taking the money. So, when a player is bumped by someone immediately he should check for his wallets.
  • One should not wander around the casino holding the money. This is not the way of advertising the money. This will encourage the criminals. It is better to put the money inside the wallet soon after taking it from the cashier.
  • One should be extra careful when they are in the elevator. If the player feels that someone in the elevator is not trustworthy then he should take the next elevator. Rather than losing money, it is great idea to lose time. be extra careful about the purses and wallets when inside the elevator.
  • It is always good idea to ask for the security assistance. There will be a thing called safety box in the hotel casinos. It is better to ask for that. Majority of the hotel casinos are providing this.

Casinos are open to everybody. So it is not surprising that one can find all types of people here. Some people may come with undesirable motives. But may be for many people going to casino is just excitement and fun.

It is important to use the common sense when inside the casino. Anyway every casino will take care of maximum security which they can provide. They will have camera and undercover personnel meant for watching everything going on in the casino.