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Gambling means putting money or valuable goods on a game or particular event whose results are uncertain and nonpredictable with intention of getting more money or goods in return. Gambling with happyluke Thailand is no new thing for the world. People in different cultures and countries have been gambling for thousands of years in a different form though. Earlier in ancient times gambling was done on animal fights and so now gambling has taken many forms such as cards, poker, casinos, sports, etc.

As time passed and the human civilization evolved so did the gambling. In the times of digitization, gambling has also entered the digital platform generally addressed as online gambling.Online gambling has opened doors for a wide range of public and has taken the attention of youth. Internet gambling means placing bets on games, casinos, sports games through the medium or credit card accounts.


  • The youth from age 18-22 (mostly males) is also involved in online gambling or have visited the gambling site at least once. The adolescent gambling online also experiences offline gambling as and when.
  • With the rapidly increasing market of gambling as an International commercial activity, it has got the eyes of youth as an easy and exponential way of making money.
  • India is a fast-budding nation in the field of gambling with the highest ratio of youth and an increasing number of people with access to the internet. The reason online gambling is rapidly growing because the youth is living in a society where legal gambling is not only accepted but also promoted with higher visibility.
  • The greed of gaining money faster and exponentially drives youth towards online gambling along with excitement, instant gratification, and enjoyment. Gambling as used to be considered a sin in ancient times has no more same definition.
  • It is just a mere means of backing off the reality of going out and working for yourself to sitting in your room with a phone or computer and bet upon games and get some money.

Online gambling is going to grow with the time, and on 12bet สํา รอง bets are made. The only effort we can put is to provide a healthy environment for children that don’t drive them towards such addictions and have a healthy relationship where kids can talk to parents if they get in the trap of addiction.