Tips for Buying Folding Poker Table

Despite the fact that there are a number of online sites offering folding poker tables for sale, there are a few things that you should pay attention to. One of them is the size and shape of the table. There are long oval tables that can accommodate up to ten people at a time and smaller octagonal types for smaller parties. You need to think about how many people appear on average poker evening, and then count a few more for people who don’t play as often. You should also think about free space not only in your home, but also for the players.

Folding poker tables can turn a regular poker night into a casino night

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They are ready for intense poker club, with poker felt covers, cushion edges, and most even have drink coasters and chip racks. Having a cup holder for each person can prevent someone from hitting because he spilled their drink, throwing cards and, possibly, felt. It’s disgusting to play with sticky chips, sticky cards, and this is likely to suddenly stop the game.

Another good feature of folding poker tables is that when you use them, you do not use a dining table. The family can continue to use it, or it can have a separate area for all beer, popularity, chips and sauce. Again, there is no worrying about throwing a drink, throwing something off the table, or creating a big mess. You do not need to worry about cleaning. Another advantage, not limited to where your game takes place. If you need, you can raise the table, bend your legs and move the game to another place without destroying your cards or chips.

The next thing to consider when choosing folding poker tables is the materials from which they are made. Make sure the countertop has a solid structure, the legs fold easily, the end armrests are comfortable, and the cup holders are deep enough. Felt material must also be resistant to contamination and good enough to withstand years of use and abuse. Otherwise, you will not be satisfied if your table does not last long.


The other thing you want to look for when looking for folding poker tables is the cost. Many of these boards are not cheap, and those that are probably not very good. You may need to visit various sites for the review of poker tables, to compare costs, features and materials used. Look at the reviews of real people who have used these charts, these reviews will certainly tell you whether it’s worth it or not.